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Mastering Goal-Setting: Overcoming Challenges for Success

It's surprising to see smart, educated individuals struggle with setting clear personal or business goals. I often notice this among clients, especially those from the corporate world. This mindset sometimes extends to creative industries too.

Many people aim for the "best" outcome in everything they do, whether it's achieving top sales, perfect relationships, or flawless negotiations. This focus on competition and the end goal can be overwhelming.

But when people have trouble expressing their goals, it's often because they're afraid of setting big goals. The brain's main job is to keep us safe, so it creates urgency or scary stories to protect us from failure.

When you find yourself in this situation, it helps to focus on the next best step you can take. This approach, inspired by the AGILE Manifesto, involves breaking tasks into smaller, manageable parts. It's been a game-changer in the IT world for decades.

Imagine applying this strategy to your own life. Combined with massive action. Where could it lead you in the next three months? How much closer to your dream life could you get in a year compared to just dreaming without taking action?

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